LUUR – An Affordable Luxury Watch For The True Gentlemen

Every day new watch companies are going live, hoping to make it big on a relatively crowded market. However, most of these brands fail to satisfy their audience.

The main reason is that these watches lack a unique design, as well as a product that meets the quality demands of their customers. It seems so much easier to go with a simple design, a quartz movement and aim for the low-end market.

However, what most companies miss is that the watch enthusiasts want a well thought out product that lasts longer than a few months.

LUUR Watches is a brand on a mission to solve that problem. The company just released their first Kickstarter campaign, aiming to provide a uniquely designed product with a low entry price for all watch enthusiasts.

So how well did they live up to their ambition to create the most affordable and attractive mechanical watch on the market?

How LUUR Stand Out From The Crowd

Starting with the design, LUUR claims that their inspiration comes from the Scandinavian nature. And the design of LUUR is quite unique. It features a clear blue watch face on all of its models that seems to go with both the gold as well as silver cases they offer.

Even though the overall design is quite simple, there are many details that you may not notice at first. They also offer four different wristbands to go with each model: Two black and two lighter brown wristbands.

A High-Quality Time Piece

Firstly, all of their models feature an automatic mechanical movement. They also use a Miyota movement, which is well established and has a power reserve of up to 40 hours.

In addition, their models also have a sapphire crystal front glass. This is the same type of glass that you would find in high-end watch brands such as Omega and Rolex. The benefits of the sapphire crystal is that it’s almost impossible to scratch, which will increase the life of your watch by a lot.


Overall, LUUR watches offer an attractive product. Given that they just launched their Kickstarter campaign, you can get your hands on one of their models at a reduced price (44% off retail value), this is a brand you should keep your eyes on if you are a real watch enthusiast.

The pricing for LUUR watch starts at $228 USD or 2,250 SEK.

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