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Rainbow Six Siege: Top 10 Must-Know Tips For Beginners

I recently started playing Rainbow Six Siege. I’m not a big fan of multiplayer games but this game got me hooked real quick.

Rainbow Six Siege is a highly competitive multiplayer FPS game with over 25 million players around the world. The thing is, most of these players have been playing the game for a long time and are already Pros. They do not play well with newbies.

So, if you’re just getting into this game, you are in for hours of fun and frustration. Here are some of the things I wish I knew before getting into this game. Follow these Rainbow Six Siege beginner tips and you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Buy The Full Game

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this game or not, so I decided to buy the Starter Edition. I was thinking if I liked the game I could upgrade to the full game. But this is not possible.

When you buy the Starter Edition you get stuck with pretty expensive decisions. For example, unlocking operators cost 12500 points in starters edition. It only costs up to 2000 points in the full game.

So, buy the full game. Or at least wait for a promotion to get it.

Balance ATK & DEF Operators

The second thing to be careful about which operators to unlock. There are plenty of choices to make when unlocking operators and you need to get a few from both Attack and Defence operators in order to avoid getting stuck with the worst operator- Recruit.

Be sure to unlock both Attack and Defence operators and balance your operators to have more choices when it comes to selecting operators for a game. Also, watch out for each operator’s stats and weapons when unlocking. Some operators have weapons with high recoil and some are really slow and have a hard time moving around.

Upgrade Your Weapons

As soon as you unlock a new operator, upgrade the weapons.

I always equip my operator weapons with a handle grip, flash hider, and reflex sight. The 2x sight is great but with high recoil weapons, it’s difficult to aim with that sight.

Play The Situations & Tutorials

Playing the Tutorial videos and the Situations are a great way to earn free credits. Complete them all to get some free credits and get a head start.

Play Terrorist Hunt To Level Up

I always play a round of Terrorist Hunt before a multiplayer game to get warmed up. Terrorist Hunt is also great for earning quick Renowns and level up quick.

Just don’t play too much on Terrorist Hunt. Multiplayer mode is completely different from Terrorist Hunt.

Stealth Is The Key To Winning

Play Terrorist Hunt in Lone Wolf mode and familiarize yourself with all the maps. You can use it to your advantage when playing in Multiplayer.

Don’t be the first to jump in through a window or a door. At least not until you get a feel of the game. Always expect an enemy peeking behind a corner.

Use Drones Or Die

Drones are useful not just for finding the bomb locations but it’s also useful to spy on enemy locations before rushing through a doorway or window. Use them to save your life.

Pre-Select Your Gear

Select the weapons, gadgets, and sidearm for your operators before starting a game. That way you can quickly select your operators before a game starts and avoid getting your favorite operator getting picked by someone else.

Choose From 3 Types Of Gameplay

There are different ways to play a multiplayer mission. You can either play as a tag-team by going with a team member. When he reloads, you fire. You throw a stun grenade, he rushes in. Or you can play solo and go in through a different route than your team to surprise the enemy.

You can also play as Anchor when playing defense. The anchor is someone who stays behind with the bomb or hostage to hold the ground.

Save Your Renowns

Save your renown. Don’t waste them on skins or uniforms. You’ll need it to unlock new operators.

Ubisoft is releasing new operators and updates for the game throughout the year. And they have big plans for 2018 as well. So, save renown to unlock new operators when they become available.

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Got any tips for newbies? Feel free to share in the comments.


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