Review: Seedr Lets You Store, Stream, & Download Torrents Anonymously Without A Client

Downloading torrents can be painful these days, especially with ISPs snooping on your downloads and NSA spying on your browsing behavior.

Not to mention that torrents with low seeds. Those are the worst. Luckily, I found a solution to all these problems.

The service I’m going to tell you about lets you not only download all kinds of torrents without a client software, but it also lets you store your torrents in the cloud and stream your videos and audios as well.

Meet Seedr

Seedr is a fast and a reliable cloud-based torrent client where you can easily upload torrents to your own cloud storage and stream them without limits.

No need to worry about ISPs or install VPNs. Seedr is cloud-based and you can download torrents anonymously without even having to worry about getting warnings from your ISP.

What You Can Upload

To upload a torrent to Seedr, all you have to do is copy the magnet link to your torrent and paste it on Seedr.

Even if the torrent has low seeds, Seedr will grab that torrent and upload files to your account within seconds. Then you can either download the files to your computer or stream online.

You can also upload music, ebooks, games, software, and much more.


Seedr is free to use. The free plan gives you 2GB of space and one 1 active torrent slot for downloading torrents.

The paid plans give you more storage and the ability to stream videos in HD. PRO plans start at $6.95 per month for 30GB storage and $9.95 per month for 100GB space.

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