Best Cosplay Of 2017 – Nova, Mera, Deathwing & More

Cosplay is one of the most underappreciated art forms. While most people think of it as just dressing up for fun, cosplay involves a lot more than that.

Cosplay is a way of expressing yourself, your identity, and creativity. Only those who understand this can truly pull off a great costume. Here are some of those great cosplayers, who I think are the best at what they do.

Nova – Heroes of the Storm

Cosplayer – KamuiCosplay

Cindy – Final Fantasy XV

Cosplayer – AllyAuer

Mera – Aquaman

Cosplayer – Irina Meier Cosplay

D.Va – Overwatch

Cosplayer – Ri Care


Cosplayer – CarmaCosplay

Aela the Huntress – Skyrim

Cosplayer – Jannet Cosplay

Deathwing The Destroyer – World Of Warcraft

Cosplayer – Jessica Nigri

Freya – Smite

Cosplayer – GrumpyCait

Darth Talon – Star Wars

Cosplayer – Helly Von Valentine

Satsuki Kiryuin – Kill la Kill

Cosplayer – Q-Ki Cosplay

Archer – Tera Online

Cosplayer – Kisume Cosplay

Triss Merigold – The Witcher

Cosplayer – Xenia Shelkovskaya

Flash – Zootopia

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