SUPERHOT Review: John Wick Meets Matrix In This Awesome Game

Superhot is not a new game. It’s been out on Steam since 2016. But, the recent release of its DLC, Mind Control Delete, made me curious about this game. So, I decided to check it out.

Is Superhot worth your money? The short answer is Hell Yes! Keep reading to find out why. Be warned, this is filled with Spoilers!!

First, watch the trailer to get yourself all pumped up.

What Is This Game About?

Superhot is an FPS shooter with a unique twist. Simply put, the game is about a guy hacking into a game where everything is on a time-freeze. The objects only move when you’re moving.

Even the bullets and the enemies only move when you’re making a move. This puts you in a position to plan your attacks in an efficient way to take out the enemies with minimum effort.


Superhot gameplay is so unique that it got me hooked from the beginning. It features awesome moves where you can throw objects at enemies and grab their weapons.

You can grab objects in the environment, jump over obstacles, slash enemies in half with swords, blast shotguns, and do a whole lot more fun-filled action moves.


The game has been designed entirely to mimic the interface of an old computer. The user interface and the sounds of old hard drives running will send you back through the memory lanes.

When you start the game, you won’t have an idea about what’s happening until you complete a few levels. And then the story unfolds. Apparently, you are not playing a game, you are transporting into a Matrix.

Later in the game, you will even visit yourself in the game. Things get’s a bit creepy after that. The suspense I’ve felt in this game is unlike any other I’ve played so far.

After completing the main campaign, the game lets you continue playing in an Endless Mode. In this mode, the enemies will keep spawning everywhere around you. And you can put yourself to the test to see how many Agent Smith’s you can take out without dying.


Superhot uses its own style of graphics and world design. Even though it’s not as beautiful as Call of Duty, you are transferring into a whole new virtual world in Superhot, which justifies the unique style of graphics used in the game.

Is It Worth Playing?

The only thing I disliked about the game is its short main campaign. I was able to finish the main story missions within one hour. Although, I kept playing in the Endless Mode after that as well.

Of course, this is all from the original Superhot game. Mind Control Delete, the latest DLC of the game extends the gameplay to a new level with more new levels, an HP system, and more. Mind Control Delete is still in development and it’s available as an Alpha release.

I would recommend that you play the original game and then get Mind Control Delete to continue the fun. Because Superhot is a game with massive amounts of replay value and it’s definitely a game you can play over and over again.

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