DEAD CELLS Review: This Game Changes Its Levels Every Time You Die

If you’re into platformer games with a twist, then this game is for you.

I’ve always been a big fan of platformers. As a guy who started gaming with Super Mario, that love I have for 2D platformers is something that never fades away.

So, I’m always on the search for new and exciting platformer games. I recently stumbled upon this cool new game called Dead Cells.

After seeing the old-school pixelated graphics and fun hack-and-slash gameplay videos, I was instantly sold on this game. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and here’s why you should give it a try too.

The Gameplay

Dead Cells is a game that features the same gameplay of many classics such as Prince of Persia. The main mission is to make it as far as possible through the game in one take.

If you die, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. But, there’s a twist.


In Dead Cells, when you die the game levels changes so that you won’t be going through the same levels each time you die. This makes the game much more difficult to finish.

As you progress through different levels, the enemies get tougher.

But, you also have the options to pick up new weapons, upgrade your abilities, and carry a revival potions to bring yourself back to life when you die. The abilities you unlock are permanent so you have an advantage each time you restart the game.


The levels of the game are gorgeous. Even though it uses old-school graphics, the game visuals are great enough to play the game over and over without getting bored.


The game starts you off with a sword for taking down the different kinds of enemies. On the way, you get to pick up other weapons, like bows and shields.

The game also includes an upgrade system where you can upgrade your weapons using the credits you pick up along the way.

Is It Worth Playing?

Dead Cells is currently available as an early access game. So, the game is occasionally getting updates with new content and bug fixes. Although, I never encountered any issues with the game system.

The game features 11 levels, 2 bosses, over 50 weapons and power-ups, at the moment. There are more on the way.

Dead Cells is a genuine platformer game that offers unlimited replay value. You can definitely play this game over and over without getting bored.

The game is available for only $8.19. But, the price is likely to go up following the public launch of the game. So, you better grab it right now.

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