Forget Tires, This Car Drives On Springs
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Forget Tires, This Car Drives On Springs

The saying “reinventing the wheel” is used to describe all sorts of stupid things, but this man didn’t care about any of that. He went ahead and did it anyway.

After getting tired of all the flat tires and expensive tire exchanges, this man looked for a way to get rid of the tires altogether. So he invented a tire made of springs.

Believe it not it drives surprisingly well. Here’s what he had to say.

This actually ain’t too bad. Just like on normal tires and even a bit more supple. Wow I’m loving this. The rear axle is really nice and soft. This is lovely …it’s so nice and soft I like it. Only problem is it’s a bit noisy.

As with most weird and DIY inventions, this one also comes from Russia. Check out the video for a closer look.

(Source: Geekologie)

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