Meet Kalashnikov CV-1, New Electric Car From The Russian Gun Maker
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Meet Kalashnikov CV-1, New Electric Car From The Russian Gun Maker

AK-47, also known as Kalashnikov is the most popular assault rifle in the world. Used by both the good guys and the bad guys. The creator behind this weapon, Mikhail Kalashnikov made billions of dollars with his invention. But, he publicly admitted that he regretted inventing the deadly weapon.

Mikhail Kalashnikov passed away in 2013 with this regret. And his company now seems to be honoring the creator by shifting its mission from building weapons to developing futuristic cars.


The latest invention by the gun-maker is an electric car titled Kalashnikov CV-1. The company appears to be challenging Tesla with this invention. Although it has a long way to go before it can give some competition for the American EV. Have a closer look.

The new car features a retro-themed design mixed with modern elements. The design of Kalashnikov CV-1 has been inspired by an old Soviet car made in the 1970s.

The vehicle is still at the concept stage. But, according to the official website, it can hit 100 kilometers (62 miles an hour) an hour in 6 seconds and travel 217 miles with a single charge.


Kalashnikov is confident that the car would be able to bring the company to compete with the big companies like Tesla. Soon, we’ll see.

Source: CNBC / YouTube

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