China Opens World’s First Underground Luxury Hotel [Pics]
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China Opens World’s First Underground Luxury Hotel [Pics]

Have you ever dreamed of spending a few days in an underground luxury hotel like James Bond? Then your dream can now come true.

A brand new hotel has just opened in China and it’s entirely built underground in an abandoned quarry. Dubbed “Intercontinental Shanghai wonderland” is the world’s first underground hotel and it’s located only 20 miles southwest of Shanghai.

The rooftop of the hotel is situated on the ground level and there are 16 floors below the ground. The most amazing thing is 2 floors of this hotel are submerged inside a 33-foot-deep aquarium. Also, you can see the surrounding from the glass enclosed balconies of the underwater rooms.

The hotel took 10 years to complete and cost more than 1 billion Yuan or $151 million in US dollars.


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