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Roshan Jerad Perera

roshan jerad perera

Hi there, my name is Roshan Jerad Perera. I’m a 24 year old Sri Lankan and this is my story.

This goes way back when I first started chasing my dream during my teenage years.  I began to fall in love with writing, though I must say unlike many teenagers I grew up spending most of my time reading books and writing my own short stories. Trapped in family crises with no way out, I began dreaming of becoming a writer. Writing helped me to get through some of the hardest times of my life including my parents’ divorce. I learned that it’s the only way that I brings me peace.

After trying out different kinds of jobs I came to realize that writing was my destiny. While working with a locally published tech-magazine in Sri lanka, as a part time writer I created my first tech blog and wrote few articles. It only produced very little traffic. But, giving up was never an option.

My life took a different turn (in a good way) when I met Ziera Eliani, my mentor/best friend through a social Network (who has literally changed my life). She lead me through a whole different path, helped me achieved the greatest achievement of my life so far, the site (Fresh Infos) you’re currently visiting.

This site is not as popular as others and far from perfect, but for a one man show tech blog, it can be very challenging. Working 20-hours a day, writing day and night, I’m so blessed to be here. I hope this will inspire others to work hard to achieve their dreams too. Its never too late to achieve your dreams, in my case it needs passion, patience, perseverance and of course a little guidance.

I hope you liked what I did here.

Thank you all

Roshan Jerad Perera

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