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Ziera Eliani

Meet Ziera Eliani,  self employed, web developer, designer, writer , webmaster who is currently residing In Brunei. I met her online back in 2011, through Google+, where my new journey began. Back then, I was just a freelance writer. I only worked for a local tech magazine and I ended up building a WordPress blog called ITShuffle, my intention was to enhance my English writing skills. Then eventually Ziera has stumbled into my blog and considering my skills she suggested me to build a better self-hosted blog of my own. At that time, I had no idea even what a self-hosted blog means, but I agreed and we ended up building the FreshInfos, together. She took the whole responsibility and did the whole process of building, designing and developing the website, helping me in every way she can. If you are enjoying the FreshInfos website today, then the main credit should go to her. Learning lots of things and collecting valuable experiences, I came a long way through the road that she guided me. She is probably the most honest and the kindest woman I’ve ever met. She actually guided me to become who I am today. Every time when I had a problem she was there to help me out. In fact she is the main reason for the existence of FreshInfos. Without her continuous help, I wouldn’t even be here, owning my own successful and popular blog. I’m still at the beginning of my journey, going on the way that she showed me. I can’t really thank her enough for all the help she did for me. She is still my best friend and also my respected mentor, who has literally changed my whole life in a better way. So in the end all I can say is, Thank You Ziera for guiding me, mentoring me and making me a better person today. Roshan Jerad Perera
CEO : FreshInfos
[email protected] Find Ziera on Facebook or Google+, if you would like to talk to her.